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Kate Moss Gets Four Covers for 'Another' Magazine's Fall Issue

Because there can truly never be enough Kate Moss.

Over the years, Kate Moss has arguably had more memorable (and plentiful) fashion magazine covers than any model out there — she's been the star of 34 issues of British Vogue alone — and now she has four more to add to her ever-growing portfolio. For its fall 2014 issue, Another magazine tapped the supermodel for a series of four separate covers, each one shot and styled by a different team, that looks like it's going to be a major collector's item for Moss fans around the world.

Another posted a preview of the issue on its website on Tuesday, with an excerpt from the editor's letter by Jefferson Hack, who just so happens to be the father of Moss's daughter, Lila Grace. He calls her "our generation’s most significant fashion icon," and then continues singing her praises, saying: "She changed the history of fashion by breaking the rules as a model, channelling the 'don’t give a fuck' attitude of the noughties into a powerful signature stance of defiance… She did it without a script, without a plan, and seemingly without a care." The fall edition of Another, which boasts the most covers Moss has ever done for a single issue, is meant to celebrate the 10 year anniversary of her first time posing for the magazine.

Each of the four covers has a unique theme — from Hollywood to Warhol — and an additional, online-only cover that was created in partnership with Burberry will be released on Wednesday. The issue hits newsstands on Sept. 4, and we doubt we will ever see a cover line again that rings as true to our hearts as this one does: "Kate Moss, never enough."

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