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KCD is the leading Fashion Public Relations And Production Agency worldwide. With international offices in New York, London and Paris, the agency has set standards for more than 30 years with its highly strategic and creative programs and ongoing projects for established and new brands.

Fashion knowledge and credibility, innovative and unique thinking, the highest quality of execution, appropriateness and newness -- these principles propel the agency and its clients forward together in fashion.

The Role

A Publicity Director acts as an integral ambassador to both KCD and its clients and works to bring a professional, motivated and diversified skills set to lead the department and agency. They have the capacity and skill set to instill trust in clients and have strong relationships with a wide range of fashion, lifestyle and digital media persons. Strong management, interpersonal and organizational skills as well as the capability to prioritize and manage multiple projects will contribute to their overall Agency success. They will have the appropriate style and taste to serve as an exceptional brand ambassador for both KCD and its clients.

General Responsibilities – Publicity Director:

• Provide support for Vice Presidents, Senior Vice Presidents and the Executive Vice President of PR, with necessary management skills for both day to day and strategic long term responsibilities.

• Serve as agency ambassador and cultivate and utilize entrepreneurial personality to grow client base and expand agency reach.

• Serve as an agency ambassador and lead a collaborative team of both external and internal resources.

• Keen understanding and relevance in industry related matters and servicing a variety of fashion brands from emerging designers to industry leaders.

• Extensive and high-level strategic ability to work with client, provide solutions and interpret/create vision for project and implement flawless execution.

• Keen understanding and relevance in industry related matters and servicing a variety of fashion brands from emerging designers to industry leaders

• Act as an Agency liaison to maintain and champion relationships with stylists, editors and industry leaders

• Keen understanding of the clients image, ideals and goals in order to develop, lead and manage clients through seasonal strategy, product and special project pitches

• Provide a consistent, professional client experience/ manage expectations throughout relationship and provide consistent and timely communication

• Extensive experience cultivating and establishing new relationships with media contacts

• Develop and execute feature stories, product placement, editorial reporting and analysis

• Manage celebrity/VIP dressing and placements

Recommended Articles

• Management of fashion events

• Calendar and schedule development and management

• Budget development, negotiation and management

• Vendor management, communication and logistical expertise

• Manage Fashion Show seating, invites and front and back of house

• Manage a team of Publicist and Senior Publicists on client accounts and daily work functions


• A MINIMUM of 6-7 years experience working either in house or with an Agency in a Public Relations capacity

• Strong verbal and written communication skills

• Detail oriented

• Strong time management skills, ability to multitask, intelligent – this role requires managing many different areas for several clients simultaneously, does not get stressed under pressure

• Knowledge and understanding of the Fashion industry, designers and emerging style

• Combination of creative and strategic thinking, ability to jump from the creative side of marketing to analytical side

• Ability to work with clients to understand their needs and pitch proposals

• A degree in journalism, communications or English

• A strong work ethic

• Ability to work in team environment and actively promote and engage both colleagues and clients in open communication

• Manage and lead a team of Publicists and interns in client relationships, daily work functions and fashion shows and events

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