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Gwen Stefani Brings L.A.M.B. Back to Fashion Week

Lunchtime poll: Is there anything Gwen Stefani can't do? We're pretty sure the short answer is "no."

Singer-designer-TV star Gwen Stefani has returned to New York Fashion Week with her collection, L.A.M.B., and we couldn't be happier. She was one of the first celebrities to launch a fashion line a decade ago, and aside from being an international style icon, she also knows how to make clothing that is cool, casual and wearable. (And how to wear it.)

"This is a really colorful collection for me," Stefani explained before the show. "It's weird how it so reflects my mood right now, like exactly. It's such an exciting time in my life, I have a new baby — there's just so many great things going on. I'm on "The Voice," I'm doing new music. Everything is new and fresh."

The spring line has all the Stefani mainstays devotees will adore — casual trousers, bright patterned tops, zipper embellishments — plus elements that even non-obsessives (if they exist) can find something to like. It also bears noting that while thumbing through the collection on the racks pre-show, I was pretty surprised at how luxe the pieces were. This isn't just Gwen Stefani slapping her name on some tees, guys. This is the real deal.

As for her inspiration, Stefani reflected, "In the collection we use 'Rock Steady' which is one of my all time favorite No Doubt songs. It's like a real love survives, rock steady vibe and I think that it's really, really appropriate because this collection was really about surviving, about rebirth. I feel like I'm in a bit of a rebirth right now, a new chapter, and I didn't know that this would all be happening right now. I didn't know that I was going to do 'The Voice.' I didn't know that I was going to have a baby. It landed right in the middle of that ... It's so perfect for where I'm at. That's [points to collection] what I feel like: happy, colorful, excited."

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When it comes to a muse for the line, though, Stefani explains that she's just happy to see anyone in the clothes — so you should probably 'gram that pic of you in your L.A.M.B. top right now. "I think I saw Jennifer Lopez wearing the shoes — you know they send me clips — and I get so excited! It's cool. It's interesting to see how [people] take it. I'm appropriating everybody else's style all the time. I'm taking what I see and making it my own, whether that be old Hollywood glamour, some Rasta Jamaican girl, a cool Chola girl from Anaheim, all these things have had huge effects on me being inspired. I put all of that into my style and then when I see someone else wear it, it's like 'that's so cool' because they do it in their own way and it becomes theirs."

And for those fans who want to see Gwen back in the recording studio, there's good news: Her post-show plans include a trip to the recording studio with Pharrell tonight.