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Behold: The Most Blatant Mansur Gavriel Knockoff on the Market

And there are a *lot* of them.

With the explosion of success that handbag designers Rachel Mansur and Floriana Gavriel have achieved with their simplistic designs in such a short time, it's not really shocking that other brands have begun to mimic their Mansur Gavriel bags. In fact, we've already discussed quite a few imitations that we've found on the market. Sure, the bucket bag is a classic shape that's come in and out of fashion over the decades, but it would be remiss of us to not credit Mansur Gavriel (at least partially) for the style's current resurgence.

While most of the bucket bags other retailers have rolled out have characteristics that make them distinctly their own, the most recent one we've seen (that was pointed out by a friend of ours) certainly does not — it's knocked off the Mansur bag down to the embossed gold lettering that serves as the only indication of what brand it is. The label in question is Kenneth Cole, whose bucket bag makes an appearance in the latest issue of InStyle (see below). The design is incredibly similar, from the gold buttons on the strap that allow it to be worn at different lengths to the simple drawstring closure. As "It" bags go, the Mansur is reasonably priced — large buckets start at $495 — but Cole's option slashes that price by over half, and is available for $178. 

We're disappointed to see a retail giant like Cole copying the goods of a very small (and still relatively little-known) brand, but, unfortunately, not surprised.

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