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Rave on with Marc by Marc Jacobs

Latex + Björk hair = a wild collection from Katie Hillier and Luella Bartley.

It was round two for Katie Hillier (creative director) and Luella Bartley (design director) at Marc by Marc Jacobs, and the duo's sophomore effort did not disappoint.With London's rave culture as a starting point, Hillier and Bartley crafted a collection of bright dresses and black and white utility wear that continued the cool girl vibe they created for fall.

There were sleek silk dresses and separates in neon pink, blue and yellow paired with hard, sculptural bags (a likely soon-to-be favorite of street style stars), cropped tops worn with baggy trousers and plenty of outerwear options ranging from anoraks to cropped jackets. But for all the Luella-like pleated skirts and strapless dresses layered over blouses, there was also a deep subversiveness that permeated the collection. The duo partnered with iconic latex label House of Harlot on polka dot pieces in pastel colors and second skin tops and leggings models wore under their looks. The nods to kink culture weren't the collection's only badass elements — tees that read "New World System" hinted at something a little darker behind those cheery dots.The genius of the collection is that there's something for everyone to love in it, from the prom queen to the girl smoking ciggies under the bleachers. And that's why Hillier and Bartley are the perfect team for MBMJ — they're sweet, but with a rebellious side.

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