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The Models at Marc Jacobs Wore Absolutely No Makeup

Not "no-makeup makeup." ZERO MAKEUP.

Welp, leave it to Marc Jacobs and François Nars to take this real, normal beauty thing that's been happening at all the spring 2015 shows and really put the exclamation point on it. The look on MJ's runway this season? "Skin care," said Francois Nars backstage. "Wait, what?" said all the beauty editors' confused expressions. 

"It’s probably the only show in New York where we’re not going to apply any makeup," Nars said. "Absolutely no makeup whatsoever. Not one gram of makeup. Only moisturizing lotion and that’s it."

"You're not covering up any undereye circles?" someone asked. 

"No, we love the undereye circles!" Nars declared.

"Are you going to blot them or anything if they go outside? It's really sticky," I asked.

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"We encourage them to do that, so that they’ll even look more glowy!" he said. "We love the shine like you see on the nose, and around the eyes. It’s real life." So real that he pointed out that the girls were just like us -- the tired, glowing group of editors gathered around him generally wearing very little makeup. (Nars did admit that they would lightly cover up any pimples, but noted that most of the models had "very good skin.")

According to Nars, Marc wanted a "model army," and it was the designer's idea to keep the models bare-faced. Nars noted that as a makeup artist, he prefers to make a statement, one way or the other. He had strong feelings about the "fresh" look that's making the rounds this season. "I don't like middle-of-the-road, so I hate the idea of always doing a ‘healthy’ look. Rosy cheeks and all that," he said. "We’ve done it, but I like the idea of no color, nothing on. The statement comes with the hair."

The bowl-shaped, slightly frizzy hair, conceptualized by Guido Palau, was inspired primarily by Joey Ramone. This is the fourth season Palau used wigs on the runway. "Marc likes how from the staging to the clothes it's completely styled," Palau said. "He likes to depersonalize the girls." He used two different texture sprays, Redken Fashion Waves 07, a sea salt spray, and Wind Blown 05, a new texturizer.

There was one bright spot against all the realness, though. Toes were painted with a new limited edition Marc Jacobs Beauty lacquer inspired by the burgundy color that appeared on the runway. It's called "Wine Not" and will be available in the spring. 

In the meantime, the only real beauty tip I can offer you is: Put moisturizer on. The end.