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Highlights From Day 5 of Milan Fashion Week

Marni + Dolce & Gabbana + MSGM = a very good day.
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It's the last day of Milan Fashion Week! Read on for my last few mini-reviews from the closing shows.

Marni Twists and Drapes

One of designer Consuelo Castiglioni’s many skills lies in marrying artistry and boldness with utility. These were statement-making clothes that looked comfortable and forgiving: Long robe coats and dresses cinched loosely at the waist with karate-like belts; tunics paired with pajama-like pants; skirts that were voluminous and structural without being cumbersome and boxy cream turtlenecks that were layered in a number of ways. The accessories, too: Bags were roomy and functional, shoes were mostly flat, athletic-tinged, and substantial. With large, beautiful floral prints covering most pieces, it was a collection from which to pick one or two items to mix with everyday basics. A number of die-hard Marni fans in the audience did just that, to very chic effect.

Ferragamo's Sleek Luxury

Ferragamo has built its business on shoes and handbags and like most brands with that sort of structure, the clothes are relatively simple and commercial — not that they’re an afterthought. This collection -- made up of midi-length skirts and dresses and cropped, wide-leg trousers peppered with utilitarian outerwear -- was elegant, textural, beautifully tailored, and, most of all, luxe.

Arthur Arbesser Defies Convention

One of Milan’s rising stars broke tradition and drew a crowd of very top-tier U.S. magazine editors Sunday with an unconventional presentation format — something you don’t really see here. Arbesser collaborated with architect Luca Cipelletti and artist Carlo Valsecchi to transform an old garage into an art gallery/fashion presentation. In each small room, a model or two (wearing Arbesser’s designs, of course) observed Valsecchi’s artwork, which hung on the walls. In another room, all of the clothes hung from the ceiling for us to see up close. On the models, who all wore Nike Air Max, you could see that the clothes were cool and wearable, and on the hangers, you could see that they were well-constructed and composed of interesting materials, like an ultra thin suede and a sheer nylon. Arbesser is definitely one to watch.

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MSGM Puts a Bird on It

After gawking at clothes we will never be able to wear in real life at Dolce & Gabbana, we went to MSGM and gawked at clothes we wanted to wear immediately. The theme of the collection, based on the same word seen on the invitation and on a few pieces in the collection, was presumably "freedom." Non-silly bird prints featured heavily in the collection, as did sheer organza layered tightly over cocktail and evening dresses. In that same vein, designer Massimo Giorgetti did a sheer rain poncho, jacket and, er, rain skirt (?) that looked like the cutest possible way to traverse a rain storm. Giorgetti clearly has that intangible skill of making things people want to wear in a genuine, impulsive way. A few pieces in the collection, and seen on the audience, even featured "MSGM" logos, meaning it's not just his designs, but also his brand, that people want to be a part of. Pretty impressive for brand that's only been around for six years, in a city not known for being very accepting of new blood.