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Would You Pay $90 For a Phoebe Philo Tee?

It's a tee of her, not by her.
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While scrolling through my Instagram during NYFW I spotted someone in a street style post wearing this Phoebe Philo tee. Immediately I had to have it. It wasn't just a normal desire, it was an unstoppable urge. 

I extensively Googled keywords I thought might pull up the shirt until I hit the mark: "Phoebe Philo Band Tee." That led me to the online shop of the Las Vegas boutique Fruition that created the tees in collaboration with Modern Man. But here's the rub, the tops retail for $90. I know that in the grand scheme of things, $90 is not a huge amount to spend on a shirt (especially when you consider that a Céline logo tee from the label's resort '12 collection cost over $400). But being that the tee is not, you know, actually designed by Phoebe Philo and just features cool graphics of her, the price seems like a bit of a dealbreaker. 

The tops, in the style of '90s tour tees and Balenciaga's famed "Join a Weird Trip" t-shirts, are definitely cool ... and will probably sell out very soon. So are you going to splurge on the Philo tee? 

Get yours here and tell us your thoughts in the comments.

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