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Choupette Gets Yet Another Product Line

Reminder: She's still just a cat.

Choupette, Karl Lagerfeld's beloved cat, has been the subject of a book, inspired a holiday makeup line and an entire Chanel collection, and spawned her own spoof Twitter account. Turns out those project were nothing but a warm up act for the spoiled feline. 

Just in time for the holidays, Karl Lagerfeld's namesake label is releasing a line of accessories called Monster Choupette, including shoes, leather goods, socks, t-shirts and more. Monster Choupette looks like the lovechild of Choupette the cat and the Fendi Monsters that have become such a hit under Lagerfeld's direction (and inspiration, in the case of the Karlito). 

And, okay, we're getting a little bit burnt out on Choupette, but there's no denying these items are seriously cute -- not to mention, likely to become street style bait next February. Monster Choupette will hit shelves November 1. 

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