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Jeremy Scott Created Barbie's Dream Collection at Moschino

There are, of course, already an army of "Barbie Girls" roaming the streets of Milan.

There's kitsch and then there's Jeremy Scott. The designer, who based his fall 2014 collection for Moschino on America's junk culture (think fast food, SpongeBob and Budweiser), decided to play on nostalgia for spring, and created a very literal version of Barbie's dream wardrobe for the season. 

If you're a baby of the '80s or '90s, you'll certainly recognize a number of the looks that came down the runway: The bubblegum pink separates and Magic Mirror iPhone cases (that will likely be as popular as the McDonald's french fries version from last season); the workout Barbie with her Moschino-branded weights and sweatsuit; bikinis and terrycloth robes worthy of poolside Barbie, and the plastic-looking shoes and oversized accessories. The show closed with a series of extravagant gowns in the vein of "high glam" or "fashion model" Barbie, but they were so wild that we're wondering if even his most flashy pop star fans — Katy Perry, specifically — would give them a go on the red carpet. (It's the collection's one tuxedo, which was probably more suited for Ken, that we think will make one of the first appearances on a celebrity.)

But that's no matter. Scott's proven that his priority is some good ol' tongue-in-cheek fun. Think what you will about the actual clothes. If nothing else, the bouncing blonde hair, the saccharine smiles and cheeky poses each model hit on the runway, and the electric colors definitely served as spirit-lifters. He sent a model down the runway on roller skates, for crying out loud! And his second priority? That's marketing: Just as he did for fall, Scott made a small Barbie-inspired capsule collection available for purchase just hours after the Moschino show, and he already has an army of "Barbie Girls" roaming around the streets of Milan in his wares (see below). 

Click through the gallery below to see the full collection.

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