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Meet the Multi-Knot Mohawk

The look is rave meets Bjork.

Trends generally follow a trajectory: street, then runway, then celebrity, then normal people. If this holds true, soon you'll be seeing your next door neighbor wearing her hair in a knotted mohawk. 

On Tuesday, hair stylist Guido Palau gave the models at the Marc by Marc Jacobs show twisty knots placed in mohawk formation. The knots were inspired by Bjork and '80s rave kids. "[Designers] Luella [Bartley] and Katie [Hillier] wanted a tough girl, but young and cute," Palau said. "It’s not about perfection. Imperfection gives it the charm and Marc by Marc Jacobs feeling." Then later that evening at the Fashion Rocks show, in what is either a fantastic coincidence or a moment of extreme runway to real time appropriation, Rita Ora performed wearing the exact same hairstyle. 

Obviously it's not a new concept. Black women have been wearing this bantu knot style forever. (You can currently see it on Crazy Eyes from "Orange Is the New Black," although she changed up her style halfway through season 2.) Bjork and Gwen Stefani both did it in the '90s, with the knots placed all over their heads. Miley did it for her now-infamous twerking performance at the VMA's. Rihanna's worn them, too. But now it's been given a more stylized look in the form of this mohawk version. Appropriate for work? No. Appropriate for a neo-rave? For sure. 

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