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Surprise! Nicky Hilton Wants You to Shop Less

Would sister Paris agree?

The "slow fashion" movement -- you know, buy less, spend more for quality -- is quickly gaining followers and recognition from both the industry and consumers. There's the year-old retail startup Zady and San Francisco-based Everlane (fresh from its sell-out collaboration with Langley Fox)... and now, Nicky Hilton? Well, sort of.

The younger and more restrained Hilton sister just released a self-help fashion guide titled "365 Style." And in a refreshing -- if not ironic -- twist, “365” doesn’t refer to partaking in retail therapy every single day of the year -- it’s actually a catchy little formula Hilton concocted.

“Three-six-five is a method I came up with to help simplify your wardrobe,” Hilton told me at the Samsung Galaxy Backstage Lounge in the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week tents. “So the three means the most common occasions you dress for -- for example, my threes are day-casual, business, special events/going out. Six represents the clothing staples, and the five, accessories.”

Although, to clarify, the 'six' part of the formula doesn't mean that you're limited to only buying six items of clothing per season, period. She's saying to hone your wardrobe to six flattering "silhouettes," and then you can buy as much as you want based on those guidelines.

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“I really found that if you focus on these six staples and five accessories each season, you’ll have a closet full of options and you won’t buy stuff you won’t wear,” she added. “Which is what we do a lot."

So, considering that everyone’s talking about purchasing less, but buying better these days, is Hilton actually part of this official slow fashion movement?

“I don’t know,” she said nervously, admitting that she does still shop a lot. But, “I definitely do not splurge on those trendy items. More in investment pieces. Classics.”

And while Hilton says that sister and expert consumer Paris is very supportive of her new book, she does admit that her sib won’t be paring down her closet anytime soon.

“I don’t know if [Paris] would stick to that,” Hilton said. “She just buys what catches her eye."