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Nina's Monster Eyeball Clutch

Don't you wish your eyeballs had fangs?

When I saw this clutch pop up during New York Fashion Week, I knew I had to own it. After all, I have a very strange fetish for fashion accessories with eyeballs. (I can't explain it, I just do.) Luckily, Australian designer Poppy Lissiman shares my obsession and created this quirky metallic clutch along with a line of other tounge-in-cheek designs featuring pizza, cigarettes and, of course, more eyeballs. 

It's the cherry on top of my mostly black, slightly sinister attire. The metallic jewel-tones really shine, but my favorite part might be that glittering blue iris. Another bonus: It's made entirely from vegan products. 

Poppy Lissiman Eye & Lips Clutch, $75, available at

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