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Fun Fact: The Most Popular NYFW Instagrams Weren't Tagged #NYFW

The more you know.

After months spent Instagramming gorgeous sunsets in Mediterranean locales and tangles of tanned limbs at parties in the Hamptons, the fashion set has returned from vacation to... 'gram some more. 

Because use of the photo-sharing/self-promotion platform seemed to reach unprecedented heights during Fashion Week, we were curious to see which images got the most likes over the course of the last seven days. And lucky for us, the Pinterest, Instagram and Tumblr marketing firm Curalate had been gathering data on that very subject. 

Curalate tracked overall engagement (likes and comments) for photos tagged #nyfw, #mbfw, #fashionweek, #newyorkfashionweek, #nyfashionweek and #mercedesbenzfashionweek. Except based on their findings and our own light Insta-sleuthing, it looks like the most-liked photos on Instagram are not tagged with any of those hashtags. 

According to Curalate's metrics, the most popular photo was this one from Ellen DeGeneres.

Which is funny. The caption reads, "I love New York Fashion Week. #NYFW." Currently it has around 215,000 likes. 

The runner-up, from Forever 21, would be the following image, at 154,000 likes. 

Which, really? But okay. Also on Curalate's top 10 list were photos from Victoria's Secret, Michael Kors, actress Peyton List, Christian Louboutin, bloggers Mariano Divaio, Class is Internal and Camila Coelho, along with Free People. 

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But here's the thing: Those were just the ones tagged #nyfw or some variation thereof. Miley Cyrus put those to shame with a photo of herself and Jeremy Scott taking a bow at the designer's runway show, for which she crafted a bunch of wonky accessories. This one got over 358,000 likes.

She just didn't happen to tag it #nyfw. She did caption it, "[tongue emoji] [sparkly heart emoji] [ice cream emoji, probably in homage to those ice cream pasties she wore to Alexander Wang's party] [rainbow emoji] [flower emoji] @itsjeremyscott." 

The thing is, even super-popular street style stars/bloggers like Susie Bubble don't crack 2,000 likes on most photos. Karlie Kloss's backstage pic at Marc Jacobs with Joan Smalls maxed out just above 27,000 likes. In the scheme of things, even the most relevant of fashion icons are kind of niche.

So here's our takeaway:

1. To be the most popular Instagrammer during Fashion Week, it helps to be a mega brand with a lot of followers to begin with.

2. If you're famous enough, you don't even need to tag it #NYFW. You'll still win.

That's it! Have a good weekend.