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Lauren's Neutral But Not Boring Foldover Clutch

They're one of a kind, and there's only 50 in the series.

One of the nice things about having an understated (or, as my sister might say, utterly boring) wardrobe of solid silk button-downs and A-line skirts is that I have a lot of freedom to work color and pattern into my shoes and clutches -- though, even there, I like to stay in neutral territory.

That's probably why I'm so drawn to this "spotted palomino" clutch from Primecut I came across on Of a Kind. One side is made of tan, pebbled leather; the other, spotted calf hair ranging from pale nude to auburn. It's small enough to slide into a tote on your way to work, and big enough to hold an iPad Mini and a few other essentials.

If those aren't enough reasons to like it, I'll point out that the clutch is handmade in Portland, Oregon, and no two have exactly the same pattern. Plus, there's only 50 in existence -- so you're not likely to run into anyone carrying the same (or even a similar) one.

Primecut Spotted Palomino Clutch, $156, available at Of a Kind.

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