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The Five Most Paris Hilton Quotes From Her 'Purple' Profile

Featuring dogs, dresses and reality TV.

It's pretty obvious that Paris Hilton is having a bit of a resurgence at the moment. The heiress-turned reality star-turned-DJ made the rounds at NYFW after a successful summer residency in Ibiza where she reportedly made $347,000 a night off her "Foam and Diamonds" party. 

In the most recent issue of Purple, Hilton talks to Editor-in-Chief Caroline Gaimari about her career, her family and her reality TV past — and I have to say the whole interview is pretty enthralling. (And the accompanying pictures are gorgeous.) Hilton's public persona is so pink, bubbly and Barbie-esque that to see her discuss her life practically with a reporter is like a breath of fresh air. Although her quotes, on the whole, are still really amusing to those of us who, say, don't have a miniature model of our homes on our property for our dogs to live in. 

Read Hilton's five best quotes below and pick up Purple's latest issue, on newsstands now, for more. 

On her house: "This is my club room, where I have incredible parties. I don't have parties every night, obviously, so it's also a workout room and an art room, where I paint, make collages, draw, do my designs. It's kind of like a creative, fun room, which I love."

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On her follow up reality shows "Paris Hilton's My New BFF", "Paris Hilton's British Best Friend" and "Paris Hilton's Dubai BFF": "I got offered a lot of money, and it was kind of like having free commercials on each episode for all my product lines, which definitely made it work. I thought it was cheesy to do a BFF show, but I had a fun time doing them." 

On her dogs: "They have their own house in the backyard, which is a mini-replica of my house, so they're very spoiled and treated like princes and princesses. I designed it, and it has a chandelier and moldings on the ceiling. There's even furniture: it's really pretty. I have seven dogs: their names are Peter Pan, Harajuku Bitch, Marilyn Monroe, Dollar, Stuart Little, Prince Baby Bear, and Mugsy."

On her DJing outfits: "My stylist custom-makes things or buys pieces and adds crystals to make them more futuristic. This summer I am going to put a lot of LED-lighting in the costumes. I've never worn the same outfit twice."

On switching record labels: "... I left Warner [Bros.] because they were too rock 'n' roll and I'm more pop-EDM. I thought it would be cool to move to Cash Money Records because they don't really have any other artists like me. It's good to mix the EDM with the hip-hop."