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Peter Philips Sticking Things on Models' Faces for Fashion Shows: A Brief History

He's probably a great scrapbooker in the off seasons.

I've never had the pleasure of meeting makeup artist Peter Philips, but I certainly hope I get the chance to, because he's made my job really fun. Forget about sweaty faces and no makeup. Philips (who is also Dior's creative and image director of makeup) is not afraid to wield an eyeliner and some eyelash glue with gusto. His work is always joyful and creative, and if he's feeling particularly crafty, it involves sticking various items onto models' faces.

The look he created for Fendi's spring 2015 show in Milan was no exception. According to Allure, Karl Lagerfeld asked Philips to match the eyeliner to the light blue color found throughout the collection. "It’s very hard to get that exact color in makeup, so it was easier just to use the leather from the collection,” he told the beauty magazine. So hair stylist Sam McKnight gave Philips small pieces of blue leather which he cut up and applied to eyelids. 

Philips had more stick-on fun at Dior's show in Paris on Friday morning, making models' peepers pop with some laser-cut satin used as eyeliner, a similar look to the one he created for the house the season prior. We're still digging it.

Let's take a walk down memory lane and relive 10 other times Philips used facial embellishment with things other than makeup. 

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