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Two New Celebrity Fragrances That Totally Don't Suck

Now if only these celebs would bottle up their skin care regimens, too.

Celebrity fragrances aren’t doing well. Elizabeth Arden recently reported that sales have fallen over the past year, which the company partially blamed on the dismal performance of Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift’s scents. But consumers’ desire to have a magical piece of celeb mystique is far from dead, and we’ll likely see more celebrity beauty endorsements and more celeb fragrances in the years to come.

Let’s face it, celeb fragrances are not “cool.” Even Beyoncé’s. Sorry. They’re just not. While I completely admire J.Lo -- especially her recent work in “Booty” and the fact that she is a 40-something who refuses to wear pants -- I don’t really want to walk around smelling like her. I’ve worked hard over the years to develop my own style, and it just seems weird and creepy to wear a celeb fragrance in an attempt to channel someone else's aura.

That all changed when these two fragrances, from two celebs who couldn’t be more different, crossed my path:

Pharrell Williams’s Girl

Forget about what I just said about celeb fragrances not being cool. I think Pharrell Williams’s new scent, Girl, is the obvious exception to that rule. The evidence: 1) He developed this scent with Comme des Garcons, which gets you cool points by default. 2) He made a unisex fragrance and yet called it “Girl” (which is also the name of his most recent album). 3) He’s Pharrell Williams, for heaven’s sake.

Oh, and let’s not forget about the Kaws-designed bottle. Most importantly, it smells really good. The fragrance features notes of neroli, lavender, white pepper, iris, styrax, violet, vetiver, patchouli, cedarwood and sandalwood. So it’s woody, which is a common trend lately in fragrance. But it’s also soft with floral undertones. It reminds me of how my clothes smelled after making out with a high school boyfriend who wore Polo -- a “manly” scent mixed with my Anais Anais, which I was convinced was the most sophisticated fragrance ever.

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Get it at Sephora, $135.

J by Jennifer Aniston

Damn it, Aniston! This is the second time I have to cop to admitting I love your fragrance

Unlike Pharrell, Jennifer Aniston is definitely not cool, despite the fact that her fiancé Justin Theroux wears a lot of black leather jackets. In fact, Vice just put her on this rather hilarious basic bitch grid.  But I don’t mind being labeled #basic in this case. (Full disclosure: I also like caramel macchiatos and the color pink.) 

This flanker to Jennifer Aniston’s eponymous original fragrance (released in 2010) is called J by Jennifer Aniston. The vibe is -- wait for it -- beachy. I know, I know. But it smells fantastic. Notes include bergamot, “salty marine accord,” water lily, magnolia, freesia, jasmine, sandalwood, vanilla and musk. It’s how I imagine her hair smells naturally.

Unlike Aniston's first fragrance, this one was released rather under the radar. It’s only available at Kohl’s. While it's not currently on the website, reps assure me that you can still snag it in stores, $20 for a rollerball to $55 for a 2.9oz bottle. 

Front page photo: Monica Schipper/Getty Images