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Is Platinum Hair Dead?

Well, probably not. But a notable number of fashion folks have been ditching white blonde for something a little darker recently.

Though platinum has been enjoying a lot of love recently — even over its pretty, perennially popular cousin, highlighted honey blonde — the Law of Trends dictates that the pendulum had to swing away from it eventually. And this New York Fashion Week, we couldn't help but notice a disproportionate number of models and celebrities ditching their icy roots for darker, lower-maintenance tones.

The color of choice? Everything from a more subdued dirty blonde to a warm auburn to full-on brown. Sasha Luss ditched her long, bright blonde hair and showed up on the runways with a short, strawberry blonde chop that veers darker in certain lights. (That said, designers have put her in a lot of extensions since, many of which give her hair more of a dirty blonde look.)

Aline Weber, one of the best-known platinum blondes in the business, also shifted to a lower gear with a golden brown dye job. (According to Vogue, her hair was breaking a lot after five years of bleaching.) Into the Gloss's Emily Weiss returned to a similarly light brown late this summer after spending some time as a Khaleesi-grade blonde. (Side note: Colorist Aura Friedman at Sally Hershberger was responsible for both taking Weiss platinum and Weber brunette.)

Like Luss, model Esmerelda Seay Reynolds also paired a color job with a short cut, replacing her long, ethereal locks with a shoulder length, dirty blonde look. Elle Fanning did the same over the weekend, debuting a blunt auburn style at a premiere on Sunday.

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So what's the bottom line? Platinum definitely makes a statement and can help differentiate a woman from her peers, but as Weber said, it's taxing on the strength of your hair (and also on your wallet). A darker and warmer hue, plus a haircut to get rid of the weakest bits, immediately gives hair a health boost. Plus, it's cool in a casual way — remember that "normal" hair trend that kept popping up at New York Fashion Week? We're going to go ahead and say that this is an extension of that.

For those tuning in from home who might be interested in darkening your hair, here's a pro tip for testing it out with no commitment. (Do we sound like a late night informercial yet? Good.) Backstage at Vera Wang, lead hairstylist Paul Hanlon dialed down the blonde on certain models' hair by applying Igora Expert Mousse in light brown to damp strands, letting it sit for three to five minutes and then rinsing until it was clear. The effect was a more uniform, darkened hue. Pretty. Chill. 

Click through our gallery to see the best light-to-dark hair transformations from Fashion Week.