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Poppy Delevingne Traded a Burberry Cape for a Burger at Burning Man

Desperate times call for desperate measures.

I think Poppy Delevingne might be my favorite Delevingne right now. The London Fashion Week regular decided join the stateside counterpart this week, making her first stop at the Piperlime party — which makes sense, being that she’s one of the newly designed site’s celebrity influencers.

Delevingne is pretty much a British fashion scene institution, so what’s the difference between getting primped for the front row in London and in New York?

"I always think Americans are much better turned out," she said in her lilting and super-posh accent. "They always look impeccable. But us in London, we go a few days without washing our hair and wear sneakers — trackies — and drink beer."

Delevingne chalks up that effortless London girl look that we’re all trying so hard to copy to straight-up laziness. She says that she’s actually really low maintenance, but she does point out that when she’s not at Burning Man, she does wash her hair everyday. Yes, Delevingne went to Burning Man, along with a crew of fashion people including the usually dandy-ish Derek Blasberg and Victoria’s Secret Angel Candice Swanepoel.

"We really roughed it — we were there for a full week," Delevingne told me. "And I had to actually start giving my clothes away for food. Because you can’t buy shit. So I came back with nothing. I had to give all my stuff away."

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Let’s be honest, she has some really nice stuff. I thought I might start crying. What goods did she use as bartering collateral?

"Some Ikat catsuits, bikinis, flower pieces… a Burberry cape," she said.

It just kept getting worse. And what did Delevingne receive in exchange for one of the most coveted pieces of the fall season?

"Um, food… " she said. "A cheeseburger."

Someone in her group should have put together a much more comprehensive Costco shopping list before heading out into the desert, but back to the sleeping situation, because the Four Seasons isn't exactly an option out there.

"We slept in RVs," Delevingne said. "But there were five of us in an RV, so sleeping was a little bit interesting. We were like sardines and it didn’t help that I was with five boys — smelly boys — as well. I needed some girl love by the time I got back, so I came to New York Fashion Week."