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Aeropostale Once Sent Public School a Cease and Desist Letter Over a Sweatshirt

Fun fact!

Here's the problem with Public School, the fashion brand: Whenever you try to Google "Public School," you get a lot of information about the New York educational system. Here's the other issue: The abbreviated "P.S." also has a number of alternate meanings — one of them apparently being Aeropostale's kid's clothing line, PS.

Joan Smalls chatted with Public School designers Dao-Yi Chow and Maxwell Osborne for Interview's "Models off Duty" series, and it turns out the teen retailer went so far as to send them a cease and desist letter for trying to use the acronym "P.S." on a sweatshirt. Here's what they had to say about that.

CHOW: We can't use P.S. anymore.

SMALLS: Because of "post script"?

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CHOW: Aeropostale has this brand called P.S. We did this J. Crew collab and we had a sweatshirt that said "My P.S. crew" and they sent us a cease and desist letter—to J. Crew and to us—saying that they have a trademark on it. Which is good to know, 'cause now we don't have to go through the hassle. 

It's a shame that sweatshirt never went into production, because it's a pretty great slogan. But brands do have to protect their trademarks... and last we checked, Public School is doing juuuust fine without it.