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How Does Fashion Week's Rave Inspiration Hold Up to the Real Thing?

Let's explore.

You might have already noticed that a running theme throughout the collections at Fashion Month so far is rave culture. This is interesting for a number of reasons: First, it's the stark opposite of the minimalism that's been so popular over the last few years, and second — despite its importance to the zeitgeist — EDM and all that goes with it isn't typically considered to be "fashionable." If you've ever been to an actual rave (or at least a music festival with a DJ-heavy lineup) you know that showgoers take great pride in creating their colorful looks for the occasion, and while they're very creative, they almost never resemble anything we'd wear in the real world. Until now.

Take a look at how the fashion world interpreted rave wear into their collections this season — and now we know what the industry giants will be packing to wear at Burning Man next summer.

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