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Read Seth Meyers's Touching (and Hilarious) Tribute to Carolina Herrera

Obviously Meyers's speech was funny, but it was also really adorable.

When you've got loyal celebrity clients like Renée Zellweger and Lucy Liu in the room, having comedian Seth Meyers present Carolina Herrera with the 2014 FIT Couture Council Award for Artistry of Fashion certainly seems like a strange choice.

But not only is the Late Night host Anna Wintour approved — he's previously hosted the CFDA Awards and employs her daughter, Bee Shaffer — he's also got a personal connection to Herrera, thanks to his wife. Meyers shared the adorable anecdote with the present crowd, which we've transcribed for you in full. Try not to swoon too much.

Meyers: "Hi everyone, how are you? You all look great!

It is an honor to be here today to present Carolina Herrera with the FIT Couture Council Award for Artistry of Fashion — for my money, the most succinctly named award out there. Eight words, with FIT abbreviated. I could use my time here today to tell you about Mrs. Herrera's three decades of excellence in building a globally recognized fashion house or her role as a fashion icon, but I'm sure everyone here is familiar with that. 

So I believe that it's best fashion make you feel something, fashion is personal, so if you'll indulge me: My wife and I — she's here today, we just celebrated our one-year anniversary — and on her wedding day she wore a Herrera wedding dress. I will never forget the first time she returned from her fitting, because she was happier than I had ever seen her, which was a little jarring for me, because I had recently proposed to her. It turns out getting a ring from me is less exciting than having Carolina Herrera pin your dress.

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Now, I personally had not seen her dress at this point, I was waiting for our wedding day — and I've cleared this story with my wife, as I tell this, I have received her permission, thank you very much. The night before our wedding, my wife wasn't feeling well. She was worried she had food poisoning and I, using all my best boyfriend skills, told her, 'Don't be silly, it's just nerves, you're fine, you'll feel better tomorrow.'

The next morning I called her and said, 'How are you feeling?' and she said, 'I'm at the E.R., I have food poisoning.' So I went to the E.R. and let me tell you, on a list of how you want your wife to look for your wedding day, very low on the list is on a gurney attached to an I.V. wearing a hospital gown. I know that Mrs. Herrera, you don't do a line of hospital gowns, but I do think there's a market there — they're not doing much with them at all. 

In a testament to my wife's will and my wife's strength, she got herself pumped full of fluids and she rallied to get to the ceremony, but as she went to get ready, I will admit, as a groom, I was terrified. I was terrified because she did not look good, she did not look good at all. And I should say, and I know this is important, that I looked great. And nothing is worse on a wedding day than the groom killing it and the bride being way below average.

Which is why you can understand my incredible relief when she walked out in her Herrera wedding dress and looked more beautiful than I had ever seen her look. And I truly believe that the Herrera dress that Alexi put on that day was transformative, not just in how it made her look, but in how it made her feel, and I think that's when fashion is at it's best, that is what it can make us do. It can make us feel better than we were meant to feel, and such a reminder of the power of clothes, because on a day where nothing had gone right up to that point, all of the sudden, thanks to that dress, everything was perfect. 

And I'm not saying that Mrs. Herrera saved our wedding, but I am saying that we're naming our first child Carolina — girl or boy. This is binding, this is a binding event. So it is really truly my honor to introduce someone with who I am not just impressed with professionally but who is also, having been lucky enough to meet her, one of the kindest people I know."