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Put Some Stars on Your Face This Fashion Week

Really, though.

We've been seeing stars this week, and no, we're not talking about dehydration from running around to runway shows all day. Literal stars. On models' faces. 

First we spotted the look backstage at A Détacher, where designer Mona Kowalska had given the hair and makeup teams the concept of "childhood boredom" as a jumping-off point. That translated into eyes made to look a little sleepy via soft shadowing coupled with an array of twinkly little star stickers fanning up the models' cheekbones. The look was not only cute but also gets an "A" for realism. Who hasn't attached a million stickers to their face at some point?

On a slightly more rock n' roll note, Tommy Hilfiger's models got (temporary) tatted up in preparation for his show on Monday, which used stars as a central motif. Among them was Kendall Jenner, who had clusters of stars shooting down her collarbone, ribcage, hands and thighs, as well as a trio sitting nicely on her cheek. Another model had a trail zipping out of her ankle boot.

And then, of course, there are all those gold and silver Flash Tats we've seen editors and stylists adorning themselves with all week, some of which — oh yes — come in star form. While the bedazzling at A Détacher might be best suited for the ravers in the crowd (you know who you are), the inked variety could be kind of great for a night out. Just saying. 

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But if you want to bedazzle your face, please send photos.