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Meet the Suno Signatures

The brand continued to refine its aesthetic for spring ... with a few surprises.

Way back in Fall 2010, a little brand launched with fabrics made in Kenya. There was no show, just a fun-filled presentation at Milk with models dancing and a sandy set. The brand was Suno and the possibilities for growth were endless.

Nearly five years later, Suno has become one of New York's preeminent shows – the sort of affair that draws the cool kids in addition to the big time editors. It's become a favorite of retailers across the world as well. Over time, it's also firmly established signatures that will continue to bring the brand renown in the future, and its spring 2015 collection is the perfect example of that.

The show opened with a bright striped blazer — the encapsulation of Suno's joyous take on American classics — and continued with striped dresses, a prairie blue and white striped strapless dress worn over a button down, loose fitting trousers with doubled waistbands to emulate boxers (#mysunos?) and a finale of handkerchief-hemmed printed dresses and tunics that are already the talk of editors' Instagrams.

It was probably the brand's most wearable collection to date, with the lean, casual silhouettes New York designers are favoring this season and an easy-yet-exciting color palette. Expect to see a lot more people wearing Suno next spring.  

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