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Taylor Swift Trolls the Internet With a T-Shirt

Okay Tay, you win this round.

Confession time: I oscillate between feeling really annoyed by Taylor Swift and singing her fun, poppy tunes at the top of my lungs. I am a woman and I contain multitudes, what can I say?

But Swift's most recent move has me — and the rest of the Fashionista office — offering up major props. As promotion for her new album 1989 heats up, Swift has taken control of her Tumblr page, previously run by management, and she's putting even the best Internet lurkers to shame. 

Proving that she doesn't miss a beat (she's lightning on her feet -- damnit this song is so catchy), Swift stepped out wearing this shirt, which simply reads "no its becky." For those who don't catch all the weird stuff on Tumblr, it's a joke from this post, screenshot below, which features a photo of young Swift. 

It proves that Swift really is attuned to her image -- and that she might just have a sense of humor about it, after all. That, or she really loves a good Internet meme

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Photo on homepage: Kevin Winter/Getty Images