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Tide Pods Partners with CFDA on Washable Fashion Initiative [Sponsored]

Finding cool clothes that are washable is about to get way easier.
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Good news for your laundry, it's about to get a lot chicer thanks to Tide Pods's new partnership with the Council of Fashion Designers of America.

Tide Pods and the CFDA have joined together to form the Washable Fashion Initiative, a breakthrough partnership designed to educate and inform the fashion industry about the benefits and possibilities of creating more designer fashions using machine-washable fabrics. What does this mean? More of your favorite designers using fabrics that can be washed in the laundry machine with Tide Pods.

So aside from adding more washable options to your wardrobe, washable fashion also reduces the mess in your life. Tide Pods are single-dose laundry detergents that give you a three-in-one brilliant clean and are easy to store and use, keeping your clothes looking brilliant wash after wash. They promise to clean, brighten and fight stains – a.k.a. make your clothes look awesome every time you wash. Find out more about Tide Pods's Washable Fashion Initiative with the CFDA here.

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