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Why Washable Fashion Matters [Sponsored]

There's a lot more to washable clothing than wash and dry.
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If your mornings are anything like ours they regularly involve rummaging through your closet, then your dresser, then (probably) the floor and, in worst case scenarios, the hamper looking for something to wear. Because even if you have heaps upon heaps of clothing, finding the right looks for a given day is not a science – it's an art.

And finding yourself in that happy place where all of your favorite garments are clean in the same window is tough – especially if you get stuck in a cycle of dry cleaning. Let's be honest, no one likes spending the money and time frequenting the dry cleaners as regularly as you hit up your local coffee shop. It's just not fun.

So wouldn't it be great if more clothing was washable, meaning you could take care of cleaning your clothes yourself, or at least rely on a same-day laundry service? Yeah, we think so too, and designers seem to agree. Nicole Lenzen, who designs for her eponymous brand, explains the many reasons she chose to work with washable fabrics, “One of the reasons is that I do have a sustainability focus, and the implications of dry cleaning are pretty astounding. … My other reason is because my customer is a modern, busy woman and might travel a lot for work and so she needs something that is versatile that can be washed regularly. She can easily rely on those pieces and be able to take them on vacation or on trips for work and wash them right away.”

With more and more high fashion brands creating clothing in washable fabrics, from designer jeans to smart cocktail dresses made in jersey and cotton, having a head-to-toe outfit that can be washed is becoming a viable reality. Lenzen explains that stretch silks have the high fashion appeal that many consumers look for, while still being washable, making them the perfect choice for her line. “I design a lot of my collection in stretch silk georgette and silk chiffon. They're actually wash-friendly and my garments are pretty high quality. They still maintain a crisp tailored look after going through a wash cycle, and it might actually improve over time.”

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The moral of the story: You can have it all. Sure, we've all become accustomed to compromising on convenience, but we don't have to.