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Tom Ford to Show in Los Angeles Next Season (Updated)

What the what?

Get ready for your morning dose of surprising Tom Ford news. The designer announced in a statement sent to Fashionista Friday that he will show his fall 2015 collection for the first time not in London, where he has been showing since February 2011, but in Los Angeles. The show will take place on February 20, the first day of London Fashion Week.

Tom Ford has a history of bucking the status quo when it comes to runway shows for his namesake clothing line. At first, he kept them extremely, almost impractically exclusive, didn't release photos and used celebrities like Beyoncé as the models. Which is why we were almost surprised this season to see him use normal models (there wasn't even a Hadid) and even live-stream his show for the first time, allowing us all to enjoy the nipple pasties.

Was Ford disappointed with the lukewarm public reaction to his latest show? Perhaps that's why he decided to move his next one over 5,000 miles away -- not only from his traditional show venue, but also from where most of the fashion industry will be.

Ford, who has a home in L.A., said in a statement that he and his husband have "always felt a deep-rooted connection to the city." He added, "Like fashion, film is also a creative endeavor that is extremely important to me. I am excited to bring these two aspects of my life together by presenting the collection in Los Angeles.”

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While that certainly sounds intriguing, we wonder if he is counting on editors and buyers skipping the beginning of London Fashion Week and flying from New York to L.A. for one show. It's likely he'll fly out a select group, but as for the rest -- perhaps he simply doesn't care if the fashion press is there.

Update: Ford tells WWD that he's relocating his show next season in order to be in town for the Oscars, which take place in L.A. on Feb. 22, right in the middle of London Fashion Week. He likes to arrive a day or two early to do red carpet fittings on celebrities. He plans to return to London the following season.