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Meet the 8 Bloggers Tumblr Is Sending to New York Fashion Week

And find out how "fashion evangelist" Valentine Uhovski scouts them out.

For eight seasons now, Tumblr has been hand-selecting a few of its most talented users and catapulting them to the big leagues: New York Fashion Week. This season's eight chosen bloggers have just been announced.

Each one is given some work space at Milk Studios as well as access to all of the shows at Made Fashion Week and Lincoln Center. In an effort to help the bloggers network and foster new relationships, Tumblr is also hosting about eight events for them to attend, including a Lord & Taylor dinner, a breakfast with Saks Fifth Avenue and an event with G Star and Pharrell Williams

Though undoubtedly exciting for the participants, the program has been scaled down a bit since its inception. It's been localized, so each of the eight bloggers is based in the New York area. Valentine Uhovski, Tumblr's fashion evangelist, said he was already acquainted with most of the chosen bloggers. In the interest of creating a strong community, the blogging platform hosts about 25-30 events per year for its "creators" -- this is one of the ways in which Uhovski encounters new talent, in addition to receiving recommendations and following over 2,400 blogs.

Read on for the lucky eight he narrowed it down to.

Tracy Bailey, Tracy Bailey Jr. Photography 

Bailey's photography blog is filled with photos of models and fashion show attendees that have a refreshingly un-glamorous edge.

Sam Hessamian, Sam Hessamian

Hessamian uses his Tumblr to showcase sneak peeks of some of his fashion editorial work, which is largely black and white. During fashion week, he hopes to "portray the essence of the designers and their collections."

Grant Legan, Grant Legan

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Legan simply photographs the world around him, with a focus on portraits of stylish people.

Masha Maltsava, Masha Maltsava

Another photographer, Matsava has photographed everything from fashion editorials to portraits to runway shows.

John McLaughlin, John McLaughlin

This "motion designer," as he calls himself utilizes 2D and 3D animation techniques to create awesomely unusual GIFs. It will be interesting to see his experimental take on something as over-covered as fashion week.

Jillian Mercado, Manufactured 1987

You may recognize Mercado from Diesel's spring 2014 campaign. The gorgeous, wheelchair-bound (due to muscular dystrophy) 26-year-old uses Tumblr to document events she attends and her own high-low personal style.

Kate Owen, Kate Owen Photography 

Owen photographs, in her own words, "pretty punchy people" and hopes to capture the  "movement, tension and excitement" during fashion week.

Anthony Urbano, Closet Freaks 

Urbano is a structural engineer who also happens to write about menswear with a light, funny tone.