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Donatella Versace Starts Fresh for Spring

Donatella Versace's version of sporty minimalism involves a lot of sparkles.

“This is about a fresh new Versace, one that is contemporary, clean and strong. It is the way women wear Versace now, and in the future,” reads a quote from Donatella Versace in the press release for her spring 2015 show.

One typically goes into a Versace show (or loads up their livestream) knowing what to expect, but this season I was pleasantly surprised. Don’t get me wrong: It was very Versace, but it felt like someone had breathed fresh air into the brand.

While still extremely sexy, the clothes felt simpler, newer and more wearable than usual. Twenty-two year old Selena Gomez, who wears a lot of Versace, always struck me as too young to wear it, but these clothes felt more appropriate for someone that age. In a way, some pieces felt more Versus than Versace.

There were cool athletic-influenced looks like crop tops paired with skirts featuring the Versace emblem on the waistband – clearly Donatella Versace has sensed the revival of that whole look. Metal rings were also a reoccurring motif, that worked especially well on a jacket featuring pieces of shimmering red fabric woven through cut-outs to look like V’s. These looks were self-aware nods to the house’s iconic past, but still felt relevant and fresh.

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The show-stoppers came at the end in the form of shimmering, skin-baring cocktail and evening dresses, that, while certainly attention-grabbing, were also playful and interesting thanks to sheer paneling and diagonal lines of color. We’ll surely be seeing them on Hollywood’s less conservative dressers very soon.