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This Makeup Tutorial From the '60s Is Surprisingly Informative

Learn the basics.

While browsing YouTube in search of a good '60s-inspired makeup tutorial, I came across this makeup tutorial from the actual '60s and decided to watch it just for fun. Turns out, it's amazing, and not because it's funny and antiquated, but because, despite having been made long before a number of game-changing innovations in makeup, it's really informative.

It basically breaks down every little step of the putting-on-makeup process, which actually wasn't that different in the '60s. It covers basics like how to put on foundation, where to contour (yes, there was contouring then!), why shaping eyebrows is important, how to make your eyes look bigger or smaller and how to apply lipstick — spoiler alert: we've all been doing it wrong. Plus, the narrator says things like, "No amount of eye makeup will help if your eyes are drowsy and lackluster. To be wide-eyed and alert, a full measure of sleep is necessary." Life lessons. Bonus: there's randomly a dog at the end. It's just great. Watch below.

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