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American Apparel Rehires Creative Director Iris Alonzo

This could be good news for ousted founder Dov Charney.

While former American Apparel CEO Dov Charney continues his fight to regain a position at the company he founded, a rep for the controversial basics brand has confirmed that Iris Alonzo has been reinstalled as senior creative director after her dismissal this summer. According to sources for WWD, the move is an attempt to restore some "normalcy" to the turbulent company.

An American Apparel spokesperson sent Fashionista the following statement: 

"We are delighted to welcome Iris Alonzo back to American Apparel as Creative Director. Iris's long-standing commitment to the core principles which the company was founded on- ethical manufacturing, innovation within the apparel industry, authenticity, creativity and integrity - and her deep knowledge of our culture and brand, which dates back to our retail inception in 2004, will be invaluable as we further cultivate and evolve the brand."

Alonzo's return to the Los Angeles-based brand could be good news for Charney, who was suspended from his positions as CEO and chairman in June on allegations of sexual misconduct. Since then, American Apparel has gotten a $25 million bailout, spent over $1 million in professional fees for Charney's suspension, restructured its board and hired two interim CEOs one after another. 

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And yet amid all of these management changes, the company still hasn't made a decision about Charney. If Alonzo, who presumably played a key role in developing American Apparel's risqué brand image, is back on board, it would seem that the board sees something of merit in the company's prelapsarian dynamic. 

Charney might not get the title of CEO back -- his mismanagement of the company's finances alone would support that choice -- but he could well wind up with a lesser role. 

Update: This post has been updated to include confirmation and a statement about Alonzo's rehiring from American Apparel's PR team.