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Tyler's One-Step Halloween Costume

Sorry, #notsorry

I am notoriously and unapologetically lazy when it comes to Halloween costumes. I just don't like to spend money on something, no matter how cheap, that I know I won't wear again, and you can only go as Blair Waldorf so many years in a row (trust me on this one). 

Which is why I think this year I'm going to pick up this veiled cat ear headband. I know that it's incredibly cliché, and well, I'm not sorry. But I've wanted to wear cat ears since watching Taylor Swift's "22" video (for which I am also not sorry) and this provides me a built-in excuse to do it. Finish off with a cat-eye (wink!) and a red lip, and poof! Instant costume. 

ASOS Halloween Veil Cat Ears, $18.95, available at ASOS.

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