Alyssa's Giant Plaid Scarf

It's probably big enough to wrap two people in, but that's part of the appeal.
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When it comes to scarves, sweaters and winter outerwear, to me, bigger is always better. In fact, when I shop for a cozy new scarf each season, the closer it comes to resembling an actual comforter, the more I want to buy it. My favorite option so far this fall comes from ASOS, and it's an oversized, cream-colored square with plaid in bright shades of yellow, blue, red and purple — seasonally appropriate, but festive enough to punch up my closet full of grey, black and navy fall staples. I love the fact that I can wrap myself in a plethora of ways depending on how I fold it, but I will likely spend the entire season trying to perfect the half-in, half-out hair situation that this model has going on. Let the styling experimentation begin!

Oversized square scarf in check, $34.11, available at ASOS.

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