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Dhani's Cute Mini Tote

The mini tote is the new tote. Totes.

Every now and then, I pop by the Urban Outfitters that's conveniently located across the street from the Fashionista offices to see what the kids are into these days — OK, and also because they often carry stuff I like, like Baggu totes and Bass loafers. During my most recent trip, I spotted this bag and just immediately needed to own it.

I love the size — it's quite small, but big enough for everything you really need: I can easily fit a wallet, some makeup, sunglasses and a cell phone in there. Plus, it comes with a little pouch. I also love the shape — it's boxy, yet soft, and I am particularly fond of how it looks when carried by the short handles as opposed to the detachable shoulder strap.

Big disclaimer: It's not real leather, it's polyurethane. But in black, it actually looks pretty good. Also, it's $49.

Mini Tote Bag, $49, available at Urban Outfitters.

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