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11 Pairs of Black Tights That Won't Give You a Muffin Top

Torturous control top, not included

While we're experiencing an unseasonable extension of shorts weather right now (not complaining), tights season will be here before we know it. And I always kind of hate this time of year because that's when I have to steel myself for that binding elastic waistband effect that not only painfully cuts off my circulation, but also creates that unsightly muffin-top. It happens to everyone, no matter the body shape. I mean, we all have SKIN right?

Now, there are some strategies when it comes to buying non-muffin-top-creating tights, especially ones that aren't control top (because why add even more discomfort to your day?). Try to find one with a wider waistband, or better yet, no waistband. You can also opt for an above-the-waist pair or maternity tights, but they need to be at just the right height so the band doesn't start rolling down throughout the day. (Some people like to safety pin the top of the tights to the bottom of the bra, but then you're intentionally poking and stretching holes into your already delicate hosiery.)

With those points in mind, we've selected 11 sleek and flattering black tights to shop below:

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