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Blake Lively Sneakily Announces Pregnancy on Preserve

Congratulations are in order.

Goop may have hired an impressive new CEO, but Blake Lively's Preserve just got access to a whole new world of lifestyle products. Specifically, baby products.

Oh yes. The actress-turned-lifestyle-pundit took to her lifestyle website, Preserve, to drop her pregnancy announcement in the sneakiest of ways: With a single photo of her baby bump, way at the bottom of a post about family filled with pictures of other pregnant ladies. The text reads, "Congratulations to all the expecting mothers out there."

We see you, Blake.

The photo, taken by her brother Eric, is actually pretty sweet. And given that Lively has said that she can't wait to have a "litter of kids" with husband Ryan Reynolds, we're can't help be be excited for her. So congrats to the parents-to-be -- and prepare for the onslaught of baby products that will surely land on Preserve's pages in the coming months.

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