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Our 10 Most-Read Stories This Week

Didn't know that Marc Jacobs was once on Grindr? NOW YOU KNOW.

Knocked Up: Blake Lively sneakily announced her pregnancy with Ryan Reynolds on her website Preserve, with just a single photo of her baby bump. That baby is going to inherit so much Chanel. 

Open Book: Ever come across a photo of Marc Jacobs on Grindr? Well guess what: it was really him! We just want to know: does a date with Jacobs end with a free handbag?

Slim Fast: Can slimming creams replace exercise for a month? We tried it.

Top Trends: Here are the top 15 trends from the spring 2015 runways. Say goodbye to minimalism and hello to ravewear, kimono belts and gingham. 

Zig Zag: Missoni and Target in Australia launched a capsule collection this week, sending Target's website crashing on launch day. If you recall, the same thing happened the day Target x Missoni dropped in 2009 in the U.S.

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Making It: Petra Langerova discusses why she left her high-powered job at Gap to become Everlane's first head of design. Her best advice for young designers: get off the Internet. 

American Woman: Michelle Obama finally wore an Oscar de la Renta dress to a White House cocktail party for the fashion industry, after De la Renta famously called her out on never wearing one of his designs back in 2013. 

Shoegasm: We chose the 50 best shoes from the spring 2015 runway, spanning gladiators to platforms to boots.

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