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Blake Lively's Pregnancy Style Is a Walking Advertisement for Preserve

Color us surprised.

Ever since her red carpet appearance at the God's Love We Deliver benefit in New York last week, Blake Lively has been spotted out and about in what can only be described as her cozy, artisanal pregnancy style. In fact, it seems like Lively is shopping exclusively from her lifestyle site Preserve these days, as she was snapped around the city this weekend in looks that are straight from her thoughtfully curated web store.

If you've never shopped on Preserve, it's basically a one-stop-shop for handmade (and often vintage-inspired) clothing and accessories made in small quantities by little-known designers from around the country. Lively, who is clearly putting an earnest effort into being on-brand for her site — did you see her baby shower? — has been supporting the designers she stocks by wearing them day after day. 

At the God's Love We Deliver benefit, she topped her sparkly Michael Kors gown with a tan coat by Michelle Kim, which has since sold out, despite its $569 price tag. Over the weekend, Lively was spotted in a colorful coat by Lindsey Thornburg — another designer whose goods are for sale on Preserve — and a matching pants and collared shirt combo that's printed with fluffy, white puppies, also by Michelle Kim. It also sold out — which is the case with much of the fashion on Preserve, actually. We can't say we're too surprised: Is there a better walking advertisement on the planet then Blake Lively herself? We think not.

So, if you weren't convinced that Preserve is just an elaborate (and probably very expensive) vanity project for Lively to document her picture-perfect pregnancy, consider this another telling piece of evidence.

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