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Cara Delevingne Picked Up Modeling Moves from Kate Moss

The two British supermodels starred in the MyBurberry campaign — and had a fantastic time doing it.

Part of the global appeal of supermodel Cara Delevingne is that it’s easy to feel like you’re actually her friend. Her Twitter and Instagram accounts — which boast 1.9 and 7.6 followers, respectively — are goofy, unique versions of her diary, frequently updated with her unfiltered opinions, photos of her hilarious antics with famous friends and peeks behind the scenes of her many fashion and beauty campaigns. 

One such campaign is that which she recently revealed for MyBurberry, the British brand’s new fragrance inspired by its iconic trench coat, and for her first stateside promotional event, she invited all of her "friends" to meet her at Sephora in the Meatpacking district for some chit chat and a photo op.

The sense of familiarity Delevingne gives off online seamlessly translates in real life, and upon meeting her on Tuesday night, I felt like I'd known her for years. (This could be because she reached out to "pet" the velvet French bulldog printed on my sweater, simultaneously telling me how much she loved it and apologizing for touching my boobs. For the record, I did not mind.) 

After experiencing her friendly, playful energy first hand, it seems only fitting that Delevingne shot the MyBurberry with someone who she's been close with for years: supermodel Kate Moss. "We have a lot in common — mainly that we both can't stop talking," Delevingne told us of her time on-set. "I think in the end they liked it a lot, and they made it a part of the thing, but they had to be like, [claps] 'Girls! Come on!'"

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Though the two models already had an established relationship, it was their first time working on a campaign together, and Delevingne was constantly inspired by her MyBurberry co-star. "It was really special, [Kate Moss] is so incredible and good at what she does. Watching her work is an absolute treat — seeing her captivate everybody." In fact, Delevingne — who is nearly two decades Moss's junior — picked up some pointers from the iconic British model from their time working together at Burberry. "It's all about a feeling; when you're taking photos you don't really think about it, but you have to be there and be present. Otherwise the photos are very dead. And she's always very much there."

But did Delevingne have any photo-taking advice for us? "It depends what you want the photo to end up looking like, but I always try to look at the camera like it's your best friend, you know?"

If the model can even make a camera feel like her friend, she's really on to something.