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Taylor Swift's Cat Gives Choupette Some Modeling Competition

The cat as a model as a muse.
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Since she broke into Karl Lagerfeld's heart and onto the fashion scene about two and a half years ago, Choupette has been the reigning queen of cat modeling. It's a life she never asked for, but one she was born into and does quite well thanks to her flawless white fluff and piercing blue eyes. Her position as top cat supermodel has yet to really be threatened -- try as Grumpy Cat might -- until now.

As of Thursday, Choupette has some competition in the form of Taylor Swift's white Scottish Fold, Olivia Benson. 

Not to compare Swift's fashion cred to Karl Lagerfeld's, but the pop star does have an ongoing shoe collaboration with Keds and, like Lagerfeld, used her cat for design inspiration. The new "Sneaky Cat" sneaker features a kitty peeking over the sole of each shoe and Benson stars in a campaign image for the new style, seen above. And we have to say, she's a natural. Also, she's really, really, really cute.

Swift has been using her cat as a fashion accessory for some time now, carrying her around NYC to the delight of paparazzi. Clearly, Benson's profile is rising rapidly thanks to her famous owner -- it's only a matter of time before she starts posing for fashion editorials, inspiring more product lines and, perhaps, giving Choupette a run for her money. Ready your claws, girls.

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