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Diane Von Furstenberg Says Google Glass 'Saved' Her Spring 2013 Show

And other insights from the designer's new memoir.

Diane Von Furstenberg's spring 2013 show is memorable primarily for the fact that the designer sent her models down the runway wearing Google Glass just a few months after Google began product testing on the device. At the time, it seemed very much like a semi-goofy publicity stunt, albeit one that generated some pretty cool model's-eye footage.

In her new memoir, "The Woman I Wanted To Be" — out today from Simon & Schuster — Von Furstenberg reveals that the Google Glass moment was little more than a play for attention during Fashion Week. It also drew eyes away from what she saw as a weak collection during a time when her brand's product had lost its identity, turning the runway show from a potential flop into a PR win. 

If you're into corporate tell-alls, that kind of retrospective honesty about her business mistakes makes Von Furstenberg's autobiography worth a read. But on a whole, the designer's depiction of her personal life and career feels like an advertisement for Diane Von Furstenberg the brand. Here's a woman who's imperfect, but strong and vibrantly glamorous — Von Furstenberg herself was a princess by her first marriage and a regular at Studio 54 with Bianca and Mick Jagger.  

Von Furstenberg has plenty of life advice to dole out, ranging from recommendations for aging ("As a women gets deep into her forties, she should start becoming a myth") to jump-starting a career ("Listen, always listen"). And while the author sometimes takes the self-mythologizing to near-hilarious heights — "When I met [Kate Moss] at a photography opening in London, she told me, 'I want to grow up to be you.' I answered promptly, 'You already are, my dear!' We were both flattered" — there's some good stuff in there. And as someone who propelled herself back up the fashion food chain to become the president of the CFDA in 2006, Von Furstenberg certainly is worth listening to. 

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