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Eliza's SPF For Happy Skin

Protect that skin, people.

Somewhere in my teenage years I went from being like, "Ugh, vegetables, gross" — *slathers broccoli in butter* — to actively enjoying them, while getting a secondary high off feeling superior about how healthy I was. I was such a tool! But history repeats itself, and as it turns out, you can also go from resenting the SPF part of your morning routine to loving it — if you have the right products on hand.

For me, the game-changer was Eucerin's Daily Protection lotion with SPF 30. My theory of combined face creams/sun protectants is that the moisturizing component of the stuff needs to be next level, or else the whiteness of zinc oxide or titanium dioxide will sit on any flaky patches of skin really awkwardly. Eucerin, while probably not the sexiest thing in your bathroom cabinet, is a brand built on crazy thick moisturizers. Somehow the alchemists (angels?) over there managed to take all of that hydrating goodness of its Original Healing Soothing Repair cream and make it into a face lotion that's not at all greasy and feels like a dewy hug. It's marvelous.

This SPF does turn your skin slightly white, but it will fade by the time you've finished your makeup and left the house. And for happy, healthy skin, it's so worth it. 

Eucerin Daily Protection lotion, $6.64, available at Target.

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