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Eliza's Work Dress for Chilly Fall Days

Seasonal dressing confusion, solved.
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After a summer spent mixing and matching outfits with little concern for the weather — preventing heatstroke, maybe — cooler temperatures always give me dressing tunnel vision. But after about a month of pants, ankle boots and sweaters, I remember that other articles of clothing actually exist.

So, today I bring you a dress (a dress!) that's suitable both for the office and fall weather. With the three-quarter sleeves, a high neck and a longer hem, you've got solid coverage, and it's streamlined without being too body-con. 

I'd suggest styling it with some booties — maybe a pair of sheer black tights if you're feeling frisky — and a bun to show off that awesome neckline. When you're going out for the evening, add a swipe of cat eye liner, mess up your hair a bit and voila: instant Bardot status. 

Vila high neck dress, $53, available at Asos.

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