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Elsa From 'Frozen': How to Get the Beauty Look for Halloween

Be your best Snow Queen.

Don't panic, but if you were planning to dress up as Elsa from Disney's "Frozen" for Halloween, you're probably going to roll up to the house party in the same getup as someone else. According to Google Trends, the Snow Queen is this year's most-searched costume, followed by her co-star Olaf (the snowman with the teeth) and Maleficent a la Angelina Jolie

We totally understand the popularity. Not only was the movie a mega-hit, but Elsa's look is an ideal mix of pretty, easy and recognizable. So before you ditch the costume for something more obscure, consider staying your ground and instead putting in the effort to make yourself the best Elsa on the block. 

Here, we've found two of the best YouTube tutorials out there to help you deliver on the beauty front, one for makeup and one for that fantastic, Free People-esque braid from when Elsa lets her hair down. (Literally... metaphorically... yes, yes.)

First up, we have this makeup video from "G Diipa," which, aside from being absolutely outstanding in terms of production quality, proves that the purple eyeshadow look isn't nearly as hard to do as it might seem. 

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On the hair front, YouTuber "Luxy Hair" gives her pointers on creating a voluminous, loose braid. We recommend taking her advice on the extensions.