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'Frozen' Queen Elsa is the Surprise Trend of Bridal Week

It's looking to be an eternal winter for spring 2015.

Dressing up as one of the sure-to-be countless Queen Elsas for Halloween seems kind of lame when instead you could channel Frozen's power ballad-belting star on the biggest day of your life. Or perhaps that's what bridal designer Alfred Angelo had in mind when he created a Queen of Arendelle-inspired dress for the Disney Fairy Tale Weddings collection — and he just debuted it on the Bridal Week runway. 

The look was pure Ice Queen, down to the billowy silk organza cape — perfect to float about in the cold, brisk wind as you flee from your sister, er, bridesmaids up a grand staircase made of ice — and the oft-YouTube tutorial-ed bouffant side braid. (Although, it faux-snowed over at Theia and Ines di Santo, so Elsa's ice queen powers have been far reaching at Bridal Week.)

We're not sure if a few other wedding dress designers are also big fans of "Let It Go," but pale, icy blue is looking to be a big bridal trend for spring 2015. Although it could just be that a pretty pastel hue makes for an appealing non-white alternative to classic champagne and blush — it's unexpected enough, but it won't offend the more traditional wedding guests. So far, Houghton, Theia, Johanna Johnson, Claire Pettibone and Anne Barge have incorporated the blues into their upcoming collections. Check out a few alterna-Elsas below:

Alfred Angelo

Here's the official Queen of Arendelle wedding dress in all of its glory. Ironically, Elsa is the first Disney princess (well, queen) not to end up with a prince at the end of the movie.


The more minimalist Elsa with a traditional french braid at the back. (Remnants of a fake snowstorm dotted the runway.)

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Anne Barge

And for a lighter, icier shade of blue.

So, Elsa or not, what do you think of blue for a wedding dress?