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Past 'Playboy' Models Pose in Lingerie, Ellen DeGeneres to Launch Clothing Line

And Gap's fall collection has been deeply discounted.

Ellen DeGeneres is working on a clothing line, featuring reasonably priced men's and women's clothes that reflect both Ellen's "classic, collegiate" style, and Portia's feminine aesthetic. But in a world of Marthas, Gwyneths and Blakes, will her company be able to stand out? {Vogue}

Playboy models of decades past posted for a photo shoot in lingerie, recounting their experiences and lifestyles post-modeling. Boy, have things changed. {NYMag}

Is Gap's "Dress Normal" campaign too "normal"? After months of slow sales, the company is offering huge discounts in an effort to clear out its fall inventory. Maybe Gap should just leave #normcore to American Apparel. {Buzzfeed}

Miley Cyrus posts a photo in the outfit that got her "lucky." {NYMag}

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