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How Our Favorite Designers Are Dressing Up This Halloween

Need some last minute inspiration? Why not steal an idea from our favorite fashion designers? (We won't tell.)

Halloween is tomorrow, and you don't have a costume yet. Don't panic! We've gathered up ideas from some of our favorite fashion designers who dish out their plans for dressing up this weekend. We even asked them for pictures from Halloween costumes past — and from breakfast tables to fairy princesses, these are good.  (As if they would be anything less than over-the-top!)

So read on, and then head out to the nearest craft store — we can only do so much of the work for you.

Nanette Lepore

“Every Halloween I host a mystery dinner with a very sketchy cast of characters. This year I play a seductive murderess so I’m going to be wearing something very sexy, alluring and black widowy.” 

Misha Nonoo

"I'm going as 'the Rocket Man' Elton John this year. I couldn't decide on a costume and then I went to his concert last night for his Aids Foundation and was utterly inspired. He truly is the greatest performer of all time."

Christian Siriano

"I don't want to give away what I'll be this year but here's a hint: a famous cartoon duo. And I will be in a ball gown of some sort."

Carly Cushnie and Michelle Ochs, Cushnie et Ochs

"This year 8 of us are going as 'The Wizard of OZ.' Michelle is Dorothy and I'm the Tin (Wo)man. It’s always fun to go as a pair or a group so everyone can get really involved and it makes the evening even more ridiculously fun!"

Rachel Roy

"This year I am dressing as a Bollywood Star for Halloween, specifically Aishwarya Rai​.​ I have such respect and admiration for my Indian heritage and have fun celebrating Halloween with elaborate jewelry and clothing, plus my six year old daughter loves the exotic glamour of it all!​"

Timo Weiland

"My boyfriend & I are going as "Batman & Robin" circa the 1960s. We are both comic book geeks and action hero fanatics. We are sourcing from a local costume guru!"

Kaelen Haworth

"I am going to go as a ghost. I get some white chiffon and make myself an airy bag, essentially. I put on a white bodysuit situation with legs/arms from American Apparel and I'm good to go. Easy, breezy and comfortable — which is the best part."

David Hart

"This year for Halloween, I'm dressing up as the Devil; but not the cliché with the horns and pitchfork. I always imagined the Devil as being super dapper and wearing a perfectly tailored tuxedo. He has to be irresistibly charming and live up to the phrase 'devilish good looks.'"

Jennifer Zuccarini, founder of Fleur du Mal

"This year I’m dressing up as Charlotte Rampling's character in 'Night Porter.' I usually find something I want to wear and think of a concept to work around it. I really wanted to wear our Fleur du Mal suspender bodysuit. I used to sew my own costumes and put some real time into sourcing everything. When I was 23, I dressed up as LeeLoo from the 5th Element — a costume consisting mainly of white duct tape. My boyfriend at the time thought my outfit was too revealing and didn’t speak to me all night! Finally he left and I remember ending the night dancing on a table and having the best time." 

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Lucio Castro

"I was a breakfast table once. Everything was real, even organic when available. I kept smearing the cream cheese of my bagels onto people as I tried to squeeze in at Susanne Bartsch's party. The master stroke, if I may say so, was the coffee. I mixed it with jello, so it looked like liquid but it deified gravity. This year I might try to be the Moving Platforms at the 6 train at union square. I think they are quite terrifying. Like teeth trying to eat the feet of people getting in the subway."

Raquel Allegra

"A few months ago I cut all my hair off,  'Joe Dirt' mullet style. It's getting a bit longer now and has grown into a proper, Alice Cooper-circa-1977 hair band, 'do.
My fiancé and I love watching rock documentaries and recently watched 'Super Duper Alice Cooper.' It's brilliant, and so is he. Cooper basically wears deconstructed tights and tees so, Hair: check, Clothes: check, Attitude: CHECK. I love it when my costume happens naturally."

Nick Brown, founder of Soludos

“For this Halloween, I'm going for David Bowie in his Ziggy Stardust era — a red mullet, a lightning bolt on the face and an eye patch for good measure. I'll try channel some Bowie-esque dance moves for Friday night.”

Michelle Campbell, Campbell Jewelry

"I usually have two versions of my costume — a regular version and a zombie version. This way I get two days worth of dressing up with every idea. Last year I was a zombie bride, the year before was zombie ballerina, and this year I am a zombie tribal warrior. Being that accessories are a huge part of every look, this year I am decking out in antique turquoise jewelry.” 

Scott Morrison, 3x1

"Every year we have a costume contest at 3x1 where the design, operations, production and retail staff all turn up for what in some cases has become a ‘team costume competition’ and in other cases produced some of the most original costumes I’ve ever seen; a  'Needle and Measuring Tape' was a standout last year. Last year my wife and I teamed up as Axl Rose and Slash from Guns & Roses. It didn’t win any awards here at 3x1, but there’s always this year!"

Rachel Antonoff

"I went as cotton candy. My friend Erin thought of it! The four of us (Erin, Daniel, Stacy and I) dressed up as different colored cotton candies and the cotton candy 'salesman'. This year the four of us are going to order in and watch movies and I think I will dress up as Gallagher."

Alejandra Rojas, A MOI

"I will be in Europe this Halloween. I'm thinking either Audrey Hepburn from 'Roman Holiday' or Ingrid Berman in 'Casablanca.'"

Lauren Schwab and Marissa Vosper, Negative Underwear

Lauren: "I'm channeling my inner Burning Man and wearing my silver holographic dragonskin spandex one-piece jumpsuit with some Negative Boa underwear peeking out — obviously. It's not a costume for the wallflower!"

Marissa: "I love a good DIY moment so I'm being the Energizer Bunny in a neon pink mini dress, our Negative Essaouira briefs (in case it's windy), high socks, bunny ears + tail, Ray Bans and a homemade drum I put together with plastic bucket tops, shoelaces, a printed logo and duct tape." 

Robert Denning, Westward Leaning

“I am literally going covered in those paint swatches you get at Home Depot that show you how paint colors might look. Both individual swatches that I've glued to my shirt, as well as a huge swatch book (like the spectrum of colors) that I am wearing as a necklace. BUT all the swatches are a shade of grey.

I am going as 50 shades of grey. But in a witty and amazing way. Otherwise I'll be dressed totally normally. The year of the last election, I went as a binder full of women... as in, I wore a bunch of binders with pictures of women inside.... in reference to Mitt Romney saying 'binders full of women' in the debate."