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The Fashion Pack Got a Head Start on Halloween

They were fashionably early this year.

Even though Halloween conveniently falls on a Friday this year, the fashion crowd couldn't help but squeeze in one extra night of fancy partying with an October 25 pre-Halloween, Halloween celebration. Of course, the pretty people had to capture the festivities on social media because it's not really a party unless your followers see it all.

Let's start with socialite/sorta-actress-slash-producer Allison Sarofim's annual Halloween blow-out in her posh West Village townhouse. Past costume themes included such arty, high-brow motifs as "The World of Gauguin" in 2013 and "The World of Picasso" in 2012. Since our invitation must have gotten lost in the mail, we had to decipher this year's theme through the fashion pack's Instagram hashtags. Conclusion: something future related, also as indicated by all that silver body paint. Let's take a look — it's almost just like being there, right?

Of course Peter Brant, II. and little brother Harry were there in their very best interpretation of the future, complete with glitter, metallic fringe, and what looks to be a tricked-out plastic rain bonnet.

Art consultant, editor and generally fabulous fashion person Sofia Sanchez Barrenechea is a regular at Sarofim's fêtes. Here's her haute couture interpretation of the Silver Man jazzed up with a string of lights illuminating her perfect features.

So, maybe Joan Smalls is a ninja girl from the future? Maybe she had multiple parties to hit. Although, we'd take any excuse to see her hot self in a sexy feudal warrior costume. Check out Hamish Bowles photobombing the top right.

Vogue's European editor-at-large and man-about-town Hamish Bowles took on his interpretation of #futurism in an origami-esque pink Thom Browne jacket with floral embellishments that we wouldn't mind wearing out to a normal dress party of our own. Extra props for cool headwear and Cubism-inspired makeup (wait, wasn't that the 2012 theme? Nice homage to parties past, Mr. Bowles).

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The hostess herself, Allison Sarofim, dancing with a disco robot.

Vogue beauty director Sarah Brown snapped artist/designer Herve Van der Straeten in this spiky face mask for an image that may live on in our nightmares.

Looks like sexy ninja Joan Smalls got the midnight munchies, so she met up with Derek "Where's Waldo" Blasberg at some house party for a slice. (Is that a frat house futon in the background? Supermodels and fashion editors, they're just like us.)

And representing on the West Coast: Ashley Madekwe doing her sexy nurse interpretation of the Joker from "The Dark Knight" at Mr. Schue's, er, Matthew Morrison's annual Halloween party in L.A.

Cindy Crawford played Cher to hubby Rande Gerber's Gregg Allman for another Hollywood party. (History lesson for you kids out there: Cher married The Allman Brothers Band founder after her divorce from Sonny Bono.)

We're not quite sure where jet-setter Cara Delevingne was this past weekend, but is this a hint of what we'll be seeing from her come Friday when it's officially Halloween?